Expert Residential & Commercial Roof Repair

Hail & Wind Damage Roof Repair

Wind and hail can do significant damage to your roof. If your home suffers from storm damage, call Lakewood Exteriors for guidance on filing an insurance claim. We’ll perform a free inspection and provide the information needed to your insurance company. And if you prefer, we’ll work directly with your insurance company on your claim and advocate on your behalf if the adjuster doesn’t see the extent of the damage that we see. If your damage extends to your siding and gutters, we help with that too.

The insurance company may try to give you a list of roofing companies to choose, but you have the right to choose any roofing company you see fit.

There is a big difference on who you call for your roof repairs. If you have a roof leak, you want the repair done correctly to stop it. When you call the repair team at Lakewood Exteriors, you can be assured we have the training and experience to get your entire roofing system repaired, we guarantee it.

Great For You

As a homeowner, a leak is the last thing you want to see, but as your roof ages, the chances of leaks increase. When you call us, we’ll find the source of the leak, document the damage to your roof’s structure and insulation,  and provide you with a repair estimate free of charge. If your roof requires repair, don’t put it off as the damage will only worsen with time.